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Green Gables Print, By Maxfield Parrish

Green Gables Print, By Maxfield Parrish


The pieces in the limited edition Sullivan Gallery Collection are stunningly reproduced and offer exceptional artistic quality at reasonable prices. Each print is mounted with a natural oil on canvas textured finish measuring approximately 15x18.

Frames slightly different than pictured here.

About Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966)

A meticulous craftsman, Maxfield Parrish's idiosyncratic painting method involved applying numerous layers of thin, transparent oil, alternating with varnish over stretched paper, yielding a combination of great luminosity and extraordinary detail. In his hands, this method gives the effect of a glimpse through a window, except that the scene viewed is from a fairytale world. In spite of the amount of time taken to perfect a painting, Parrish was prolific over the course of his career.

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